If you have entered the exciting stage of life called retirement, then you already know that there are a lot of decisions to make. Is your portfolio adequately protected? How much can you safely withdraw? Do you hope to leave a legacy for your children or a worthy cause? Sherrill & Hutchins has three decades of experience walking clients through all stages of retirement. From Social Security planning to the investment and withdrawal of your retirement funds, Sherrill & Hutchins can lead the way.

Sherrill & Hutchins offers comprehensive financial management and portfolio investment services to clients with investable assets over $750,000. Drawing upon experience and expertise in this particular life stage, we have developed the Sherrill & Hutchins Income Program (SHIP) designed specifically for clients who need to start withdrawing from their retirement accounts. If you are looking for answers to your questions about retirement, let Sherrill & Hutchins partner with you in this stage of life. Don’t be intimidated by retirement, face it head-on with our help.

Services provided to clients WITH A PORTFOLIO > $750,000

  • Full access to financial planning services
  • Experienced portfolio management and investment services tailored to specific client needs
  • Enrollment in SHIP
  • Periodic meetings whenever financial issues or big life changes arise (we recommend at least an annual meeting)
  • Sherrill & Hutchins is a fee-only financial advisory firm. That means that clients will never receive a sales pitch from us to purchase specific financial products like annuities, life insurance, etc. As fee-only, it is in our best interest to ensure your best interest. Our business model is tied to the performance of your portfolio – we only succeed if you do.
  • Lastly, at Sherrill & Hutchins we “eat our own cooking” so to speak. Each of us is invested in the same funds as our clients. We believe that strongly in the services we offer.

Sherrill & Hutchins is a fee-only financial advisory firm that leads clients to financial decisions that are suited to each unique circumstance. We not only provide unbiased financial advice from any of our five CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners (meet our staff here), we also provide clients with portfolio investments based on sound, underlying business fundamentals, not speculation or stock chasing. As a fee-only firm, it is in our best interest is to ensure your best interest – we make no commission on stock trades or selling financial products like annuities or insurance.