Mid Career

Are you actively preparing for life’s big events – college for the kids? A wedding or dream vacation? Retirement? If you are already saving and are looking for active and professional management of your assets, Sherrill & Hutchins has a program designed specifically for you.

The Mid-Career Program is tailored to serve the specific needs of early to mid-career individuals with investable assets of $100,000+. The Mid-Career Program service model offers experienced investment management based on sound business fundamentals, not speculation. This program takes a long-term view of client needs and assets and provides an investment plan aimed at building wealth through diversified investments with proven track records. Clients in the Mid-Career Program are coached to develop a vision for the future and a plan to bring that vision to life including personalized, recommended monthly savings numbers based on income, lifestyle, and career goals. Basic planning needs are addressed through an array of on-line materials that have been assembled and developed by the financial professionals at Sherrill & Hutchins. Annual check-up meetings are also available (and recommended) at no additional charge.

Essentials of the Mid-Career Program

  • No-hassle paperless communication, web and email-based client support and planning resources, instant access to account information via web portals. Clients should be comfortable with and able to utilize email, websites and other forms of electronic communication.
  • Financial service designed for early to mid-career professionals. This service offering is not a traditional “wealth management” program that is built around retirees and high net-worth individuals. Rather, qualification for enrollment is exclusively for working individuals with investable assets of $100,000 to $750,000.
  • Additional, advanced planning services for specialized situations that require research or in-house meetings with a financial advisor are available on an a la carte basis and are billed at an hourly rate.
  • Sherrill & Hutchins is a fee-only financial advisory firm. That means that clients will never receive a sales pitch from us to purchase specific financial products like annuities, life insurance, etc. As fee-only, it is in our best interest to ensure your best interest. Our business model is tied to the performance of your portfolio – we only succeed if you do.
  • Lastly, at Sherrill & Hutchins we “eat our own cooking” so to speak. Each of us is invested in the same funds as our clients. We believe that strongly in the services we offer.

Sherrill & Hutchins is a fee-only financial advisory firm that leads clients to financial decisions that are suited to each unique circumstance. We not only provide unbiased financial advice from any of our five CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioners (meet our staff here), we also provide clients with portfolio investments based on sound, underlying business fundamentals, not speculation or stock chasing. As a fee-only firm, it is in our best interest is to ensure your best interest – we make no commission on stock trades or selling financial products like annuities or insurance.