In light of the current coronavirus outbreak, Sherrill & Hutchins has implemented a work from home policy for the time being. Operations are continuing in full and all staff are working remotely. If you contact the office (770.395.9797), you will likely need to leave a voice message, but all staff are checking voice messages and emails on a regular basis and will respond as soon as they are able.
The COVID-19 situation is evolving daily and we will continue to monitor and adjust accordingly. In the meantime, please rest assured that we will continue to monitor portfolios and be responsive to client needs. Thank you for your patience.

Financial Planning for All Life Stages

Our Services

Sherrill & Hutchins Financial Advisory, Inc.


If you have entered the exciting stage of life called retirement, then you already know that there are a lot of decisions to make. Is your portfolio adequately protected? How much can you safely withdraw? Do you hope to leave a legacy for your children or a worthy cause? Sherrill & Hutchins has three decades of experience walking clients through all stages of retirement. From Social Security planning to the investment and withdrawal of your retirement funds, Sherrill & Hutchins can help lead the way.

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Sherrill & Hutchins Financial Advisory, Inc.

Approaching Retirement

You’ve worked hard and are hoping to retire, but perhaps you are still wondering if you are fully prepared. Have you saved enough? How much longer should you work before you can safely retire? If you are ready to get serious about the possibility of retirement, we can help you navigate this next stage. There is a lot to think about in terms of preparation, from decisions about Social Security to 401(k) rollovers; Sherrill & Hutchins can help clear the pathway through the critical decisions you face during this exciting time of change.

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Sherrill & Hutchins Financial Advisory, Inc.


Are you actively preparing for life’s big events – college for the kids? A wedding or dream vacation? Retirement? If you are already saving and are looking for active and professional management of your assets, Sherrill & Hutchins has a program designed specifically for you.

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Services provided to clients

> $750,000

invested with S&H

  • Comprehensive financial planning services at no additional charge (for full list of services, please refer to the hourly planning services section to the right)
    Periodic, in-person meetings with your financial advisor (we recommend at least one check-up meeting each year, but clients are encouraged to come see us whenever financial issues or big life changes arise)
  • Coordination with client’s other professional advisors (e.g. estate lawyers, CPA, insurance providers, etc.)in order to ensure that a client receives a comprehensive financial plan
  • Expert portfolio management and investment services tailored to specific client needs, from retirement nest-egg protection, to aggressive portfolio growth
  • If retired, client will receive automatic enrollment in the Sherrill & Hutchins Income Program (SHIP) designed to calculate appropriate and sustainable withdrawal rates from specific retirement accounts

$100,000 – $750,000

invested with S&H

Clients in this range should be comfortable with and able to utilize email, websites and other forms of electronic communication

  • No-hassle, paperless communication
  • Web and email-based client support and planning resources
  • Instant access to account information via web portals
  • Annual, in-person check-up with a financial advisor
  • Expert portfolio management and investment services
  • Recommendations for monthly savings goals based on client income, lifestyle, and career goals
  • Financial plan check-list
  • Additional advanced planning services for specialized situations that require research or in-house meetings with a financial advisor are available on an a la carte basis and are billed at an hourly rate (for full list of services, please refer to the hourly planning services section to the right)

Financial Planning Package

No Asset Management

Sherrill & Hutchins offers a financial planning package starting at $1,500 that includes a full financial plan and recommendations. Clients opting for this service are not required to have any assets managed by Sherrill & Hutchins.

*Sherrill & Hutchins does NOT sell insurance products, or prepare tax returns or legal documents. A need in these areas will require the services of an outside professional. We can provide referrals and coordination upon request.