Life Transitions

Sometimes life is not at all as we expected. We all know people that have been through divorce or the death of a loved one, but it is still always surprising when it hits home. Times like these are difficult and often confusing. If your spouse was in charge of the household finances before, now what? How are you supposed to handle a life insurance claim? A trust? What happens with unspent retirement accounts, estate issues, inheritances…? The list goes on.

Here at Sherrill & Hutchins we have spent three decades dealing with just such life circumstances. Clients often come to us in the midst of these overwhelming life events looking for a way forward. Fortunately, that’s what we do. From estate issues to trust accounts, Sherrill & Hutchins can help you navigate a path.

Sherrill & Hutchins is a fee-only financial advisory firm that leads clients to financial decisions that are suited to each unique circumstance. We not only provide unbiased financial advice from any of our eight Certified Financial Planner™ practitioners (meet our staff here), we also provide clients with top-notch portfolio investments based on sound, underlying business fundamentals, not speculation or stock chasing. As a fee-only firm, it is in our best interest is to ensure your best interest – we make no commission on stock trades or selling financial products like annuities or insurance.

If you are retired with a portfolio over $750,000, here is what you can expect from Sherrill & Hutchins:

  • Full access to financial planning services
  • Expert portfolio asset management and investment services tailored to specific client needs
  • Periodic meetings whenever financial issues or big life changes arise (we recommend at least an annual meeting)
  • Sherrill & Hutchins is a fee-only financial advisory firm. That means that clients will never receive a sales pitch from us to purchase specific financial products like annuities, life insurance, etc. As fee-only, it is in our best interest to ensure your best interest. Our business model is tied to the performance of your portfolio – we only succeed if you do.
  • Lastly, at Sherrill & Hutchins we “eat our own cooking” so to speak. Each of us is invested in the same funds as our clients. We believe that strongly in the services we offer.

Don’t meet the $750,000 minimum? No problem! Click here to see a list of our other services available.